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Dream Connection
Dream Connection is my old band from way back then, in the good old eighties.
EAP are other Experimenting Audio Programmers and me.
This song is about a 22 year old girl I fell for, while I was 43. After a great but also very strange dinner, in a far out town, very far away from my home, we decided to part. Luckily I knew Morten who lived in that strange and way out town, so I payed him a visit, and then we made this song. I wrote the lyrics in about 5 minutes, and I still love the phrase "Call me back when you're thirtythree".
White Line
This is a song about moving on from a time that felt good but wasn't afterall.
When love is not madness it is not love.

End of Days
Composed in late 2012 clearly inspired by those who thought it was finaly the end of days. Well, we all know how that went ;-)
Deep Throat
This song is a tribute to an old comedy that some of you guys may have seen ;-)
Elves Mound
This song is about a cute girl I know, living on Elves Mound. She has taught me things I would never have dreamed about...
This song is about a friend I lost, who meant the world to me. Before I got to complete the song our friendship luckily bloomed again.
This song is still evolving and lyrics are being written, but due to some trouble with one of the synthesizers it will be delayed for a little while. The song is about whether to stay or part in a relationship when times are tough.
Been There
Again a minimalistic one.
Hug Me
One of the minimalistic songs I sometimes make. I liked the bass groove and finished it in about a day.